About Us

UK Property Is On The Rise & We Want to Talk About It!

The UK Market is ripe with Property Investment opportunities, we’re even witnessing international investors from

all over the globe getting a piece of the action.

We’ll explain how it all works so the regular person can take advantage of this growing opportunity as well!

Getting started on the property ladder can be a confusing task.

We aim to make it simple, so simple that the average “Joe Bloggs” off the street could get started, and do it right.

Property Pillars with Toyin is a show all about real estate and property acquisition.

With every episode we have a seasoned real-world property expert explain how they got started & with this will come a

really tangible roadmap anyone can use to get started on the property ladder.

Our host, Toyin Davidson-Ero has been in the real estate market since the late ’90s and with her team of professionals,

The vision we’ve had for the Property Pillars show has been brought to life.


With membership to Property Pillars Club you shall have acces to the following to better your profitable journey in the world of property:-

+ Expert audios talking all things property related

+ Priority notifications of all property meetings

+ Exclusive private (off-market) property deals

+ Create property deals to cash ready investors

+ Peer-to-peer expert support and training videos

+ Safe platform to create profitable joint ventures

+ Direct access to private property funding


Are You a Landlord or Interested in Property Management?

Property management is an integral component of owning property as a landlord.

On our show, we provide new landlords with options. Common questions such as “should I have an agency manage my property for me?”

or “ why do tenants prefer a managed property to the alternative?” are all answered by our seasoned property pro’s.

Who Is On The Show?

Professionals from all walks of life who have made a name for themselves in the world of Property Investment.

We’re always looking for amazing talent to share their knowledge with our willing audience and we’ve got a great line-up ahead!

What Will You Learn?

Key details about property litigation, what it means to you & what you can do to get started on the property ladder or enhance your

progress if you’re already on your way.

Why Should You Listen to Property Pillars?

With over 17 years worth of experience within the property world, our host definitely knows a thing or two about the property.

She’ll be asking a variety of professionals important questions you’ll need answers too so you can really make an impact and turn a

profit with your property endeavors. Get all your property questions answered in one show.

We’ll give you the info you need to know to get started the right way, undiluted & completely honest.